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Starter Kits

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first time mama trying our product and unsure which to try? THIS KIT IS FOR YOU! it consist of ALL of our products so you're able to try and see which works better for you!



for flavors, please indicate in the above 'NOTES' section before adding to cart.


oats: 1x mango, 1x lotus

oats&chia: 1x mango

quinoa: 1x black sesame

quinoa&chia: 1x mango, 1x chocolate 

smoothies: 1x avocado, 1x milo choco




Overnight Oats/Chia Pudding/Quinoa:

adzuki beans, black sesame, lotus biscoff, oreo cheese, mango


brown sugar coconut, adzuki beans, milo choco, ovaltine choco


NOTE: with immediate effect, panna cotta will be replaced with chia pudding. for flavors unavailable, we will replace the flavor without further notice.