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Care Guide/Shelf Life

 All our products are made freshly only on the day of delivery. While it is made fresh, please follow the guideline (as below) strictly to ensure the freshness of the products.

(Chilled) Dairy-based products including:

> Overnight Oats

> Quinoa Pots

> Chia Pudding

> Panna Cotta

> Smoothies

Back of fridge [1 degree] - 1 day

Freezer [-18 degrees] - 1 week

Store in freezer [-18 deg] if not consuming on the same day of delivery. To consume, thaw in fridge [1 deg] the night before for next day's consumption. Please ONLY store in back of fridge.

Note: the texture of the products may change due to freezing. However, please be assured that the taste remains.

(Chilled) Non-dairy products including:

> Red Raspberry Tea

Back of fridge [1 degree] - 1 week

Freezer [-18 degrees] - 3 weeks



For BOTH lactation & non-lactation mochi cakes:

Back of fridge [1 degree] - 1 week

To enjoy the next day:

Airfry - 180 degrees for 8 minutes

Microwave - High for 12 seconds

Oven - 220 degrees for 5 minutes

For lactation crumbly oatmeal bars:

Room temperature - up to 2 days (please consume the cheese first)

Back of fridge [1 degree] - up to 1 week

Freezer [-18 degrees] - up to 1 month

To enjoy the next day, thaw the oatmeal bars in the counter top or overnight in fright. Enjoy it cold or simply airfry/microwave/bake it till it's warm and crunchy.

For non-lactation gooey butter squares:

Back of fridge [1 degree] - up to 1 week

To enjoy cold.